Core Course Descriptions

Orientation to Respiratory Therapy

An orientation to the profession, consideration of professional ethics, introduction to basic cardiopulmonary assessment and life support techniques, infection control, medical record, hospital environment, and role of the Respiratory Therapist.

Basic Respiratory Care - Cardiopulmonary A&P

Study and clinical application of theories, procedures, and equipment utilized in delivering, monitoring, and evaluating basic respiratory therapeutics to patients in the hospital setting.

Respiratory Function Testing with Lab

Study of methods, instrumentation, standards and clinical applications of pulmonary function testing and arterial blood gas analysis with emphasis on quality assurance

Components of Respiratory Health, Disease & Pharmacology

A study of normal respiratory mechanisms, manifestations and treatment of respiratory diseases, their clinical courses with specific consideration for the basis of respiratory therapeutics.

Clinical Practicum I

Clinical application of basic respiratory therapeutics, intensive respiratory care, and arterial blood gas analysis.

Mechanical Ventilation

Study of various mechanical ventilators and artificial airways, with major emphasis placed on all aspects of the management of the patient-ventilator system.

Respiratory Therapy for Special Populations

Theories, procedures, and equipment applicable to the delivery of respiratory therapy to special populations, including the neonatal, pediatric, home care, sleep, community, rehabilitation, and long-term acute care patient.

Intensive Respiratory Care

The etiology, manifestations, and treatment of respiratory failure including principles, techniques and equipment associated with advanced cardiopulmonary monitoring and cardiac life support.

Pulmonary Disease Management

Guided study of topics or pursuit of individual experiences in respiratory therapy.

Current Issues in Respiratory Care

Clinical education and experiences in respiratory therapy competency assurance, alternate care settings, and critical care.

Introduction to Advanced Clinical Practice Phase II U 5

Clinical education and experience in respiratory therapy education, administration of respiratory services, and areas of advanced professional practice.

Leadership and Management in Respiratory Therapy

Clinical application of adult, neonatal, and pediatric intensive respiratory care; home, continuing, and long-term acute respiratory care; pulmonary rehabilitation; endotracheal intubation.


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